Search & Found

You left your shoes somewhere Somewhere in the dark Oh yes they were new Pretty like your heart You stumble across the wind They were yours, they were yours Would the dark throw them back They never show you slack You find yourself searching For shoes all seasons long Set up Holmes on the lineContinue reading “Search & Found”

Filter Kaapi(फ़िल्टर कIपी)

उन दिनों से काफी वक्त हो गयादिल दिमाग सब कुछ रीत से सख्त हो गयाकाश के तुम कुछ बंदोबस्त कर जातीअपने गुज़िश्ता का तस्वीर छोड़ जाती।हम भी थे तुम भी थेपल्लू पकड़कर वो लड़की भीये दुनिया कितनी ज़ख्म दे गयीहमे हम जाने बिना सरफ़रोश कह गयी।अपने दायरे में रहना सीखिए जनाबसभी नर -नारी से कहContinue reading “Filter Kaapi(फ़िल्टर कIपी)”

360 Degrees

Today is not the day to give into fear Loosing perspective of all Things you hold dear… Sleep as if you are tumbling into an orange farm Citrus dreams out and about Yellow blankets, white masks, hard seeds of breath down the throat… 40 secs you try to count, hold your seeds don’t sow themContinue reading “360 Degrees”

Perpetual Slumber

To wake up from this stagnancy is a wish avant gardeWould you please knock damn it knock until you knock it off —It creeps on you and lies therein hard.At times, very few, the courage seeps inYou attempt, prod & tell your heart to smileto just stop dancing to nightmares !Prompt responses pile upTis notContinue reading “Perpetual Slumber”