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Delhi 2019 


The Granddaughter’s Musings is an attempt to create a platform to engage with the causes the author is passionate about, through her readings on literature and culture.

The page features her love for the seemingly mundane and is dedicated to her grandparents, who had settled down in Kerala from Tamil Nadu before independence in the early 1940s. She was born and brought up in Kerala in a household which flourished around her grandmother’s ( Paatti’s) stories of her Tamil roots and her teacher grandfather’s (Thatha’s) staunch principles. The author also dedicates this page to all the strong female presences in hers and the readers’ lives, who have without a bit of highly wielded theory, taught respect, humanity and the politics of equity. Most of her writings are in English, but she has an affinity to write in Tamil and Hindi too.

The photographs in this page are captured by the author, of spaces across time and her native country, India. Copyright 2020 @thegranddaughtersmusings

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A train journey to Tamil Nadu in a blazing sunny afternoon with misty mountain winds and the hardworking anna (brother) on capture, June 2018

For the moments that you live in most of your life are not under the green blankets of shade but the harsh rocky roads of fiery burns. What life have you lived, what people have you seen, what places have you been, if not laced with such recognition?(courtesy Paatti’s (grandma’s) saying from Malayalam ” Daridryam Enthenn Arinjavarke Paaril Paraklesha Vivekam Ullu”)

The dark clouds and a sea-bereft boat are always loud

Sanghumugham, Kerala/ March, 2019


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