About the Writer/Poet

Portrait of the Author, December 2019

Anusha A J

The author is a Doctoral Research Fellow in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Kerala, India. She has been consistently engaging with the field of dystopian studies particularly with a targeted focus on the Indian milieu, as a participant observer. Her prose and poetry are primarily concerned with the meticulously mundane and the tediously conventional. She makes it a point to travel as part of initiating a social dialogue about the causes that she strongly feels about, including, equity of resources and rights, mental health, social responsibility and awareness; and shedding light on the dystopian structures that we are all entrenched in.

She has been selected as part of many national young research conferences including NYRC 2019 & NYRC 2020 at JNU, Delhi, the First Jadavpur University Women’s Conclave by the Indian Association for Women’s Studies and the First Memory Studies Conference at IIT Madras,2019 ; among others and considers it one of the core platforms of change.