360 Degrees

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Today is not the day to give into fear
Loosing perspective of all Things you hold dear...
Sleep as if you are tumbling into an orange farm
Citrus dreams out and about
Yellow blankets, white masks, hard seeds of breath
down the throat...

40 secs you try to count,
hold your seeds don't sow them down.
Do they grow or find a host
at the crossroads of
the gamble of contagion?

Would you be okay 360 degrees?
All meticulous angles, all profiles covered
Head to toe, hairy and hairless
No make up look just on about a survival face
Carrying off that dire pressure
hey tum bhi kya yaad rakho gey ki ab  
Breathing becomes a pleasure.

Orange trees and you lunge at life,
Sway ruthlessly in anxiety, stay dumb at strife,
Dum dum plop many fall
Urgh the Excruciating onomatopoeia of it all
Hey try getting a move on or shall I get you
gizmos- noise cancelling headphones
To ward off delusions and sadness on tones
kyun ki maybe
You'd be okay then 360 degrees ?

Trying to lay down to unearth some shut eye
Coz you know as well that it's been a while
But those oranges are so darn sour , it reeks too loud
To breathe in and out in peace ,
Should you just meditate and then maybe
You'd be okay 360 degrees...

Poof and you are told times, again and again
Oranges are good source of Vitamin C, 
the kind you need to build up your mind,
the kind you need to put your anxieties at rest ,
the kind you need to add a pinch of peace of mind,
to avoid supposedly ghastly wrinkles in this oh so fair and lovely commune.
The same kind that you need but can't find at bhaiyaa's,
The very same would then remind you of the eerie unemployment,
shortage, scarcity and things alike
that accompanies the disappearance of the citrus breaths ...

Maybe you would lament much, after all
oranges are perfectly sweet & sour
But your taste buds have decided
just not to address the issue
Sounds familiar...
Escape the night, escape the day
Day after day without the narangi trance.

Maybe you and I should just Netflix and chill
And all the privileged paraphernalia that
 numbs & accounts you well
While sanity takes fights too seriously
Would I see you in 1024 pixels ,
with or without those oranges , just forget them
For you to be okay in 360 degrees!

Notes : Poem Written during the ongoing Pandemic dtd 16/07/2020

 tum bhi kya yaad rakho gey ki ab has been trans from Hindi as "Hey you would also now memorise that") ; kyun ki would mean "because"; bhhaiyya's trans as "the vendor's" who is addressed as bhhaiyya or brother in common usage) ; narangi is "orange" in that could refer to both the fruit and the colour.

Published by thegranddaughtersmusings

Anusha A J is a Doctoral Research Fellow at the Faculty of Arts, University of Kerala. Her personal website features her readings on the dystopian, the human and the broad plethora of cultural mandates.

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