Search & Found

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You left your shoes somewhere
Somewhere in the dark
Oh yes they were new
Pretty like your heart

You stumble across the wind
They were yours, they were yours
Would the dark throw them back
They never show you slack

You find yourself searching
For shoes all seasons long
Set up Holmes on the line
Pull your friends along

There's a search party for a heart
But it's 12 o' clock someday
No Harsh conditions alight
You lose interest just

Call off the entourage's play
Took up a book and lay
To learn you can buy
new shoes Anyday.

It might take some time
To get a deal worth a dime
But if you'd rather buy books all day
it's the most charming pay. 

Written at 12.42 pm Aug 5,2020

Note: If you could read this while beatboxing in your mind, please do so. I believe that changes the texture of it all.

Published by thegranddaughtersmusings

Anusha A J is a Doctoral Research Fellow at the Faculty of Arts, University of Kerala. Her personal website features her readings on the dystopian, the human and the broad plethora of cultural mandates.

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