Filter Kaapi(फ़िल्टर कIपी)

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उन दिनों से काफी वक्त हो गया
दिल दिमाग सब कुछ रीत से सख्त हो गया
काश के तुम कुछ बंदोबस्त कर जाती
अपने गुज़िश्ता का तस्वीर छोड़ जाती।

हम भी थे तुम भी थे
पल्लू पकड़कर वो लड़की भी
ये दुनिया कितनी ज़ख्म दे गयी
हमे हम जाने बिना सरफ़रोश कह गयी।

अपने दायरे में रहना सीखिए जनाब
सभी नर -नारी से कह थक गए
बेवजा हिदायतें ना दें
बातें ज़रूर करेंगे मान लें।

पर नानी और फ़िल्टर कॉपी में लिपटा प्यार
अगर मिल जाती आज भी
तो कहेंगे हम , क्या बातें क्या हिदायतें
गुफ्तगू बस गुफ्तगू हमेशा हो यार।

Written at 2.45 pm, Aug 4,2020
Transliteration in English
Un dinon se kafi waqt ho gaya 
Dil dimaag sab kuch reet se sakht hogaya
Kaash ke tum kuch bandobast kar jaatey
Apne guzishta ke tasveer chhod jaatey.

Hum bhi they tum bhi they
Pallu pakadkar vo ladki bhi
Ye duniya kitni zakhm de gayi
Humey hum jaane bina sarfarosh keh gayi.

Apne dayre mein rehna seekhiye janaab
Sabhi nar -naari se keh thak gaye
Bewaja hidaayaten na dein
Baatein zaroor karenge maan lein.

Par naani aur filter kaapi mein lipta pyaar
Agar mil jaati aaj bhi
Toh kahenge hum - kya baatein kya hidaayatein
Guftagoo bas guftagoo hamesha ho yaar.


Memory Box: Paatti(grandma) used to love her filter coffee .The South Indian filter coffee is one of the best coffee experiences and I am not putting it out there as a seasoned coffee drinker but rather as someone who really doesn’t drink coffee much nor have a liking to it. Maybe the story gives it the warmth and the sweetness, maybe its that good, but there is something very endearing and heartwarming about her and her coffee love. For me, filter coffee is still wrapped in love, and her still sitting with a cup waiting for me to get home after school.

However, what really need not be glossed over is the usage of the dabara set and bylanes of its cultural origin. Indian historian A.R. Venkatachalapathy’s In Those Days When There Was No Coffee(2006) has been an interesting read on the same. A write up on that coming soon.

Published by thegranddaughtersmusings

Anusha A J is a Doctoral Research Fellow at the Faculty of Arts, University of Kerala. Her personal website features her readings on the dystopian, the human and the broad plethora of cultural mandates.

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