When Courage & You are Feet Apart ?

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               Somehow today John Nash’s words came to my mind and I went about the day with those clutched close to my ears and heart.

              “The only thing greater than the power of the mind is the courage of the heart”.

              I see myself going through consistent bouts of lack of courage. The courage to wake up and be motivated, the courage to talk, the courage to just hum, the courage to be not tired, the courage to sleep well, the courage to move on, the courage to enjoy food, the courage to enjoy rains, the courage to be well.  I see that in friends, in family, acquaintances, the aunties who diligently work everyday, the uncles who are diabetic, the uncles and aunties who are vocal about using Dettol 40 times a day and ask me to do the same, the friends who are doctors, the friends who are teachers, the friends who are students, the friends who are new parents, the friends who are pregnant, the grandmothers who are extremely nervous, the grandfathers who are heartbreakingly afraid. People struggling physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. The pressure of it all.
            Few pets abandoned. Few pets adopted but not looked after well. The cats who roamed about earlier fed , but now shooed away. The street dogs who are hungry. People shitting on each other in a maniac hierarchical powerplay, while birds are finding scarce heads to shit on. Amidst the chaos, what we have is the acknowledgement of a reality that has struck us deep and is pulling hard at our sanity strings. In pure filmy terms I would say ” Aata maajhi satak li” . But… Sadly it’s not filmy at all.

            And we live in loop of reading statistics, hoping for a better day, hoping for better statistics and reading about a better day . Hopefully all of us can summon everyday, a courageous heart that keeps us in all tones and melodies of healthy.


Humara dil ye seh Na sakega
Tumhare giley ab sun na sakega
Kitne bhi shikve safar mein aye bandhu
Jeena hi sahi jeena hi sahi

Written and published on Facebook dated 28/07/2020

The last poem in the write up in Hindi could be vaguely translated as
"My heart would not be able to take it
your calls of grievances would forever remain unheard
But learn that whatever complaints you have of life, dear friend
It is always righteous to live, righteous to live"

Published by thegranddaughtersmusings

Anusha A J is a Doctoral Research Fellow at the Faculty of Arts, University of Kerala. Her personal website features her readings on the dystopian, the human and the broad plethora of cultural mandates.

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